Monday, November 15, 2010

its lupus

tin-tin as what we call her. she was  my classmate when i was in college. a simple, generous, kind, always wear big smile whenever she saw her friends and classmate. thats how i describe her..
 who knows she already acquire the desease.
          It was diagnose as lupus few months after our graduation. I was the first to know it, through text.. she inform me that her physician told them that she has a lupus..
          she was far from before, when we were still in college.  she made-up herself as our laughing stuff....
               BUT NOW......
    a lot of her personality was changed..., the face that always in a smile like jollibee was now a picture of sorrow, no trace of happiness.. she's now a kind of moody, irritable and very sensitive....
         puffy face, like kokey... hehehehh.... violet complexion.......

         her doctor always monitor her cbc and u/a.. and give her   lifetime medicine, the steroids called prednisone. and lots of vitamins plus milk..
            until we find out that she already pregnant at about 12 wks. age of gestation.. I  was shock. coz, her doctor told her before that if she will concieve  perhaps she or her baby oar both of them are at risk..
               until she deliver her baby avia  cesarian section due to her     high blood pressure..  and thanks GOD both of them are okey now......

               LUPUS ias a chronic  autoimmune diasorder mark by flare-ups and remissions. one of the most serious rheumatic disease/. it is difficult to diagnose.  generally coming long after the first symptoms arise. and after the complaints dismisses as psychosomatic.

            LUPUS also may be temporarily misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis a, skin disease, kidney disease, mononucleosis, epilepsy, mental illness and others...
    LUPUS occurs n 1 in 70 women between the ages aa15 to  64

Sunday, November 14, 2010

love hurts?

people are people, as love hurt itself...
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the tears pour like a heavy rain that soon flow like a river going to the ocean of sorrow.
but why someone cant move on? and someone move it easily? why is it someone commit suicide in the name of love?
was it painful?  difficult to accept the reality that both creatures don't belong to each other?
            well, as for me, it is very hard to accept the fact that the relationship you've been shaping was out f nowhere. just like what Ive experience.....
          I thought he's the one but not...  I dn'nt want to cry . I told myself that he's just a waste of my time.........
        but as i consult myself and my heart, I felt life ,Iwant to cry, and I burst into crying.. I said he was damd, fool, bitch and all the bad words i could utter.. but what  can i do? he's with someone else.  in the arms of other woman whom he love most....
 HOW SAD........ my heart aching, my head spinning, I dont know what to do... no one can unferstand my feelings, no one even my friends.....
       I could still remember my professor when she discuss the pericardium.  it is the tissue that enclose our heart..
      I felt my pericardium  infested by what we call love bacteria that cause my pericardium to swell mand got infected... huhuhuhuhu  heavy heart....

our own

  • we are what we are... we cannot arbitrarily excised the bad, as it is not existed....

Monday, October 18, 2010


and perhaps a singing

Saturday, October 16, 2010

heavy haert

someone hate the way it is, but how can you escape the reality? when you still reminisce of your past. though your hiding here and there, but it doesnt give you the guarantee of what you want. because you always give just
ification on every possible thing. and THE PRIZE?
you end up in a corner with tears free flowing from your eyes. still pondering for all those reason you've made really convince you?
As you run fast trying to find yourself in the midst. but you could"nt find it. as you continue running without even notice the bruises on your feet.but you still looking a refuge.
Trying to unvield the mystery of love, and discoversd that love loses its sweetness when its loses its mystery." what a sad discovery".
But again you gave yourself a false hope.just to ease the pain that reality brought. still running and the sound of your cry echoed through valley and mountains asking for help. but no one hear your agony...........
The man that made your heart bleeding and left it with a scar, was
the best thing that happaen to her life.
and now you try to mend your wounded heart. as they say love is
like a shattered glass. hoping that there is someone willing to help you
fix it. but no one endure picking the pieces so you could be whole again
ahhhhh! just say a little prayer and keep believing that in every heavy rain there will always be a bright sunshine....
and its me after alll........

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Read this letter.... Its fun!
YOU'D love reading.....

 this is a love letter from a guy to his girlfriend. however, the girl's father does not like him and want to stop the relationship. so the guy wrote the letter this way......

1. the great love that i have for you gone, and i find my dislikes in you
3.grows everyday. when i see
4. i do not like to look even at your face,
5. all i wanna do is to
6. look at other girls, i never wanted to
7. marry you, our last conversation
8. was very boring
9.made me look forward of seeing you again
10. you think only of yourself
11. if we married, I would find
12. life very difficult and would have no13. pleasure in living with you. I have a heart
14. to give, but it is not something that
15. I want to give to you. No one is more
16. selfish and foolish than you and you're not
17. able to tenderly care for me
18. I sincerly beg you to understand
19. I speak the truth
 20. think this is the end.never ever
21. answer this. your letters are full of
22. thing that do not interest me me at all. you dont have
23. true love for me.... Goodbye... believe me
24. I dont care about you. please do not think that
25 i am still your boyfriend.......

        so bad... however, the guy told his girlfriend  before, to read between the lines, meaning, to read only the odd numbers. so please read it again. its so smart... sweet and wity. what a unique way to profess love, is'nt it? always look at the brigther and right side of love.........

enjoy reading......

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