Saturday, October 16, 2010

heavy haert

someone hate the way it is, but how can you escape the reality? when you still reminisce of your past. though your hiding here and there, but it doesnt give you the guarantee of what you want. because you always give just
ification on every possible thing. and THE PRIZE?
you end up in a corner with tears free flowing from your eyes. still pondering for all those reason you've made really convince you?
As you run fast trying to find yourself in the midst. but you could"nt find it. as you continue running without even notice the bruises on your feet.but you still looking a refuge.
Trying to unvield the mystery of love, and discoversd that love loses its sweetness when its loses its mystery." what a sad discovery".
But again you gave yourself a false hope.just to ease the pain that reality brought. still running and the sound of your cry echoed through valley and mountains asking for help. but no one hear your agony...........
The man that made your heart bleeding and left it with a scar, was
the best thing that happaen to her life.
and now you try to mend your wounded heart. as they say love is
like a shattered glass. hoping that there is someone willing to help you
fix it. but no one endure picking the pieces so you could be whole again
ahhhhh! just say a little prayer and keep believing that in every heavy rain there will always be a bright sunshine....
and its me after alll........

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